Door to door logistics helps you import from China

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When many novice buyers first import from China, they often encounter various problems. The process of exporting from China and then importing to the buyer’s country is too cumbersome, resulting in door to door logistics. This transportation method facilitates the import of more novice buyers.

What does door to door logistics provide


International express delivery was initially achieved through the postal system.

The rise of express delivery companies has led to the emergence of specialized international express delivery companies in many countries, including well-known ones such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, and TNT

Express delivery is usually a door to door logistics service, but it usually does not include taxes, which means that the recipient needs to pay all relevant customs duties and other taxes when receiving the goods.

2.Air Freight door to door logistics

Air freight DDP is an international trade term, also known as “Delivered Duty Paid”. It refers to the seller’s responsibility to transport the goods to the buyer’s designated destination in the manner specified in the contract, and to be responsible for all import procedures and taxes.

The main process of air freight DDP is that when we receive the goods, we will be responsible for the export documents of the goods, as well as the import customs clearance and tax payment of the goods, and finally deliver them to the customer’s address.

3.Sea Freight door to door logistics

With air door to door logistics, it has made it easier for many customers to import. However, there are also many customers with limited budgets, so at this time, there is a door to door logistics service by sea freight. Compared to air freight, this price will be more favorable, but the delivery time will also be shorter.

The benefits of door to door service for buyers

01 Convenience: Door to door logistics services can save customers the time and cost of delivering and receiving goods themselves.

International freight is responsible for transporting goods directly from the place of origin to the destination, and handling customs clearance and delivery processes. Customers no longer need to carry out cumbersome logistics coordination and management.

02 Time efficiency: Door to door logistics services can shorten logistics transportation time, especially for goods with tight deadlines. Air freight door-to-door logistics service has fast transportation efficiency and high safety.

The freight forwarder will track and quickly handle the logistics process throughout the entire process to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination in a timely manner.

03 Professionalism: International freight has rich experience and professional knowledge in logistics transportation, and can provide customers with comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions.

The International Freight Forwarder Association provides professional management and coordination for the classification, packaging, marking, transportation, customs clearance, and other aspects of goods to ensure safe and smooth transportation to the destination.

04.Economy: Although the cost of door to door logistics services is relatively high, the overall cost of logistics transportation will not increase as a result.

door to door logistics

How can buyers find suitable door to door logistics

The main issue for buyers is how to choose the appropriate door to door logistics.

So how should we choose? Different customers have different opinions on how to choose suitable international door to door logistics services.

I have a Mexican client who said that when choosing a suitable international door-to-door logistics service, the first step is to compare service quality and price. My client found me on a sales platform, why did she ultimately choose our door to door logistics service?

The customer is a cosmetics company. The company’s main products are lip glaze, powder, eyeliner and other products. First of all, because their goods are cosmetics, and some also contain liquid, she has excluded many options for her products. She needs a company with good service quality that can transport sensitive goods.

Secondly, she found a suitable platform with suitable payment methods, and she also pays attention to the reputation and customer reviews of freight forwarding companies. So she started our first collaboration, and with a beautiful start, everything went smoothly.


To choose the appropriate logistics service, you need to understand the freight forwarding company, compare service quality and price, consider your own products, and choose the most suitable and professional door to door transportation service.


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