What you need to know about denim yarn

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Yarn is an important part of your creative process, whether you use it for crochet, knitting, hand-spun yarn bombing, or a textile design. Among the various spinning yarns, denim yarn is loved by everyone for its unique and wear-resistant properties, here’s what you need to know about denim yarn.

What is Denim yarn?

Denim yarn is a cotton yarn that can reach 99% purity that behaves like denim fabric. After the first wash, it slightly contracts, and the color progressively ages, giving it a distinctive appearance. It works well for all ages and various tasks, including facecloths, tea towels, blankets, bags, and sweaters.

All-season knits may be made with Denim yarn, which effectively displays textured stitches and cabling. Try hand washing in a gentle wash with a cup of white vinegar added to the water before adding the Rowan Denim items to keep them looking sharp.

Benefits of Denim yarn:

To give you a new, environmentally-friendly spin on cotton yarn, Denim Yarn is made from recycled denim and cotton. Denim Yarn from Rowan has a gorgeous heathered appearance that mimics the texture of recycled denim and offers you the lightweight breathability you’ve grown to love in cotton yarns. There are many benefits to purchasing Denim yarn:

  1. It is a high-quality yarn that will produce luxurious garments.
  2. The range of colors available makes it perfect for any project.
  3. The garment will be warm and durable because it contains pure cotton material.
  4. The affordable price point makes yarn a great choice for anyone looking for luxury denim without breaking the bank.

denim yarn

Where can I buy it?

Where can I buy it?

If you only use it occasionally or for simple applications, a cheaper brand may be enough. But if you plan to use this yarn frequently (for sweaters, for example) or in your textile projects, the pricier option may be worth it. A more expensive price also means excellent quality

Denim yarn is available in a variety of colors, from classic black, white, gray and blue shades to more exotic and unique shades like maroon and ocher. There are a variety of yarn suppliers and various retailers on the market today that you can look for based on your needs. However, you still need to note that reliable suppliers often cannot be found at once. Comparing more and checking their qualifications, after-sales service, customer reviews, etc. can give you more references to avoid being deceived.

Important Facts and Tips:

  1. Rowan provides a wide range of weights and textures, perfect for any project.
  2. Some common uses for Rowan Yarn include knitting, crocheting, and weaving.
  3. Rowan yarn is machine washable, please read the instructions carefully before washing
  4. Be sure to read the label carefully before purchasing Rowan Yarn to ensure you get the correct weight and texture for your project.

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