What You Should Know About Cement Bags

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Cement bags can pack cement products of various specifications. According to different materials, it can be divided into ordinary cement bag mold and reinforced mold. In concrete, the material of the reinforced can be ordinary cement and reinforced fly ash cement. These cement varieties can be used in concrete works. At present, foreign countries have done a lot of work in the design, manufacture, and application of cement bags (such as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc.), accumulated a lot of experience, and achieved success in some countries. China’s cement bag industry started late and has a weak foundation. However, with the enhancement of new material research and development capabilities and the strengthening of standard system construction in recent years, as well as the vigorous advancement of my country’s industrial restructuring, transformation, and upgrading, industry competition has become increasingly fierce and market prospects broad.


China’s cement bag market size


Cement bag is one of the largest cement products in the world. It has a very long history of application in China and has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2015, the output of cement bags in my country was about 5.5 billion square meters, and the demand for cement bags was about 16 billion square meters. As the demand for cement bags continues to increase, its market size will continue to grow. According to the data, the compound annual growth rate of my country’s cement bag market is 17.09% from 2014 to 2019. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the technological level and application technology of building materials and the deepening of promotion and application, the cement bag market will further expand.

cement bag

International market situation


The foreign cement industry has a long history of development and has a strong advantage of economies of scale. The scale of cement production in the United States has exceeded 100 million tons, and the cement production capacity has reached 50 million tons. The US cement industry has significant advantages in economies of scale. One of the important reasons is that cement export has a high profit margin. Cement enterprises often adopt a price competition strategy to improve profitability when producing cement products. However, to further expand profit margins and attract foreign cement enterprises to enter the industry and improve their economies of scale advantages. Many cement production enterprises have begun to try new industrial production of cement bag products.


Domestic usage


According to the special requirements of concrete engineering and the different conditions of use, molds are divided into two types: ordinary molds and reinforced molds. Ordinary cement bag molds are used for filling and curing materials in water and cement concrete. Reinforced cement bag molds are used for filling materials in reinforced concrete and steel cages or concrete cushions. Because cement has many differences from ordinary cement, the two cement products are referred to as two different types of concrete. The existing domestic products mainly include one kind of “ordinary cement bag” and three kinds of “reinforced cement bag”. Among them, “ordinary cement bags” have a longer service life and more varieties. Compared with ordinary cement, “reinforced cement bags” are of good quality and low price. “Normal cement bags” are usually used in small building construction.


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