The environmental choice for textile companies: recycled cotton fabric

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Nowadays, as most businesses become more aware of climate change, water scarcity, ongoing industrial practices and their impact on the environment, more are adopting greener options (wherever possible) that may help the environment. It is also not surprising to see that most of the well renowned businesses and brands partner with businesses having eco-friendly practices as their priority. Clothing manufacturing industry is no different, as modern practices are being adapted to make recycled fabric better and better. Once of common the most popular ones among these is recycled cotton fabric due to its multiple uses and benefits.


Uses of Recycled Cotton Fabric

Recycled cotton fabric has multiple uses, and it is commonly used in clothing industry of a number of clothing products. Following are some of the most common uses of recycled cotton fabric.

It is commonly used in manufacturing of knitting fabric yarn and weaving yarn. Since recycled cotton is extremely soft, it makes ideal knitting and weaving yarn that results in soft, comfortable and warm weavings, with enhanced durability.

Recycled cotton fabrics are also commonly used in various types of clothing, and since cotton is very soft and comfortable, this makes them very breathable and a very comfortable wearing experience. And clothing made from this material can be very natural and environmentally friendly, and will not cause any skin irritation when working for long periods of time, plus recycled cotton fabrics are often mixed with polyester (also recycled from plastic bottle waste) to enhance the strength, so they are very strong and durable, there is no need to worry about their quality!

recycled cotton fabric

Benefits of Recycled Cotton Fabric

As we have mentioned earlier, recycled cotton fabric offers many benefits not only for the clothing, but also for the environment in general. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of recycled cotton fabric.

The biggest benefit on using recycled cotton fabric is its positive environmental impact. Not only does it prevent waste, but also saves up a number of precious resources including water. It can save upto 8979 MT of garments waste and upto 41,288,500 m3 of Water which is a considerable quantity and has a very positive impact on the environment.

With advanced technologies, modern large scale manufacturing plants are producing recycled cotton fabric yarn with 100% efficiency. For instance, in denim yarn, 80% cotton (which is all recycled) is mixed with 20% polyester (also recycled from plastic bottled) for enhanced strength and durability.

Another benefit is that now it is possible to produce really high quality recycled fabric with just a fraction of required resources. This has revolutionized the fashion industry as well, as it is getting increasingly popular as a top fabric of choice.


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