WiFi alarm systems: protect your home safety

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WiFi alarm systems are the best choice for smart home security. With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, smart products are favored by people from all over the world. WiFi alarm system, featuring state-of-the-art technology, production process technology, and quality innovation, effectively helps you to achieve an IOT-based smart home and with WiFi access ability, you can use your mobile phone to get the real-time situation of your home security.

WiFi alarm systems
Features of WiFi alarm systems

WiFi alarm systems have rich features. They generally support 2.4GHz WiFi. Compatible with the Tuya Smart APP and with the App, you can get the real-time situation of your home security anytime and anywhere. For example, when the sensor detects a vibration, an instant push notification will be sent to your mobile phone. You can also equip a remote control to the system to easily arm and disarm the system. Low standby power consumption, eco-friendly compatible. some WiFi alarm systems are DIY designed for easy installation and setup, simply choose the sensors you need to set up the alarm system and it will help protect your home safety.

How does the WiFi alarm system work?

WiFi alarm systems include two parts: a gateway and sensors.
When the sensor detects a trigger signal (for example, the PIR detects a human movement), the sensor will turn on its indicator light and send a wireless signal to the gateway. Push notifications will be sent to the phone via WiFi as soon as the gateway receives the signal. When the sensor is triggered and if its battery level is lower than the low battery value defined, the App will warn you with a low battery notification. Thus, after we understand the working principle of the WiFi alarm systems, we have confidence in them.

Most Operation of WiFi alarm systems

It is convenient and easy for people to use WiFi alarm systems.

A.Downloading the APP
1. Download the APP to your smart mobile phone by one of the following methods:
Search “Tuya Smart” in the App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone.
2. Scan the QR code below to download.

B. Adding the Gateway
1. Place the gateway next to the router (2.4GHz WiFi) and ensure it is connected to a power source. Long press the ” ” button for over 5 seconds, and the indicator light will flash green rapidly or slowly, the device is in the WiFi configuration state. If reset, the indicator light will flash rapidly, refer to the “Reset the Gateway” section
2. Please connect your mobile phone and the gateway to the same WiFi network, and then launch the APP “Tuya Smart “.
3. You can check the Help documents. First, tap ” Me” on the lower right of the screen and then tap “FAQ & Feedback”.

As we all know, WiFi alarm systems are popular alarm systems. If you want to find the best WiFi alarm system, then you should focus on checking the supplier’s product quality and warranty. If you want to guard your home conveniently and safely, don’t hesitate to choose a WiFi alarm system.


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