The Upcoming Technology Trend is Motorcycle TFT Displays

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Full-colour motorcycle TFT displays, also known as thin-film transistor liquid crystals, are becoming increasingly common in the motorcycle industry. The well-known liquid crystal display (LCD) has the potential on exhibited in Audi’s Virtual Cockpit and Lexus LFA.

However, the same technology is now being used for two-wheeled vehicles by motorbike manufacturers like Ducati to further capitalize on the benefits of a motorcycle TFT display.

Motorcycle TFT Displays
What is Thin-Film Transistor Liquid?

A form of LCD known as TFT display uses thin-film technology to enhance features including addressability. Through the use of TFT technology, each transistor is used to drive each pixel, resulting in quicker response times.

Before we explore TFTs (Thin Film Transistors) and how they differ from traditional monochrome LCD panels, refresh your recollection of TN and LCDs in general. Following a discussion of the TFT’s manufacturing process, we’ll move on to the ghosting effect, also known as grayscale inversion, which is essential to understand while using an LCD TFT display.

Motorcycle TFT Display Took the Place of Traditional Part

Motorcycle TFT displays like speedometers and tachometers used to be mounted on motorcycles like single-handed mechanical timepieces. Digital technology then took over and, for the most part, continues to do so. Gauge clusters now display more information to riders, such as the time, temperature, ride modes, and traction control.

Digital gauges are a necessary evil, but their main drawback is that they all seem to have the same aesthetic and lack personality. However, the motorcycle industry is at a turning point and the chance for distinctive yet contemporary design is returning.

Motorcycle TFT Display Night Vision Benefit

Night vision, however, is merely the tip of the TFT iceberg. Due to the complex levels of traction control and riding modes that come with the Bosch, the screen must be able to display through many pages and menus to display the ABS settings, mode of engines, and traction control settings once they have been set up.

Motorcycle TFT Displays 2
One of the Bike with Motorcycle TFT Display

There are a lot of bikes nowadays using this technology but with a straightforward design, Ducati brought its legendary, entry-level roadster into the current day.

There is no reason why Ducati couldn’t create its own Virtual Cockpit, which would be unlike anything else on two wheels because of the maps, different gauge cluster designs, and cutting-edge displays. Although there is creative potential, it is locked away in a lifeless wasteland of right angles and neutral colors.

Motorcycle TFT displays are also installed on bikes made by well-known brands like BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha as well as more modest firms like Energica.

Wrapping Up!

We hope you enjoyed reading the article and now you know what a motorcycle TFT display is. However, if you still want to know more we are looking forward to getting an email from you and we would love to assist you in the best possible way.


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