TFT Touch Screen Display: What Is It?

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If you’ve ever owned a smartphone, iPad, or touchpad PC, then you’ve probably used a Thin Film Transistor touch screen, commonly known as TFT. A TFT touch screen is a hybrid device that combines a TFT LCD panel with a touch technology overlay.

TFTs account for the vast majority of touch displays. These are found in a variety of gadgets such as televisions, computer displays, mobile phones, portable devices, projectors, automotive dashboards, video game systems, and so on.

Let’s have a deeper look at this technology.

The TFT Touch Screen

TFT display technologies, developed in the late 1980s, are another variety of LCDs that provide higher color, contrast, and reaction speeds than existing passive matrix LCDs. These LCDs may save certain pixels while consuming others, allowing the LCD panel to operate with extremely little energy. Capacitors and transistors are used in TFT LCDs. These two components are essential to ensure that the TFT display operates with minimal energy consumption.

The color TFT transistors are made of thin layers of Amorphous silicon placed on the glass. It acts as a control valve, delivering a suitable voltage to individual sub-pixel liquid crystals. As a result, TFT touch screen displays are also known as Active Matrix displays.

TFT LCD Module
TFT Touch Screen Vs AMOLED

TFT is a display manufacturing technology that is also employed by AMOLED, however, for most intents, TFT refers to LCD screens. The material distinction between them is that AMOLED contains organic components, primarily carbon, whereas TFT does not. The two are significantly different.

For beginners, unlike a TFT touch screen, AMOLED creates its light rather than relying on a backlight. As a result of the absence of a backlight, AMOLED screens are substantially thinner than LCD panels.

TFT Touch Screen – Positive And Negative Sides

Let’s talk about the good sides of a TFT display:

  1. One of the good things about TFT displays is that they are not harmful to the eyes.
  2. TFT produces clear visuals that are easy on the eyes of the elderly and weary.
  3. TFT technology-based panels offer a highly appealing physical style and look.
  4. TFT also has low energy usage and a quick and precise reaction time, which are two of its strong points.
  5. TFT displays are responsible for decreasing eye strains.

Well, there are fewer disadvantages of a TFT touch screen:

  1. One downside is that it has limited usefulness owing to the glass panels.
  2. Backlighting is used in TFTs to offer brightness rather than produce light; hence, built-in light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are required in their backlighting construction.

TFT Touch Screen

Any product in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. But one needs to decide what to choose based on his requirements. Many will prefer astounding displays in a device for binge-watching, while many others may compromise with the display to get better performance.

Overall, the TFT touch screen is one of the most common display types that are used in modern devices like mobiles, tablets, TVs, etc. Many TFT devices also employ innovative OLED technology. For instance, both the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and PlayStation Vita portable gaming console have OLED panels. So, while buying a device, one can be utterly confused by the varying types of displays. If you need any further assistance or information before any commitment, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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