Why Choose a Round TFT Display?

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With the advent of new technology over the years, the use of thin film transistors (TFT) has grown in popularity in gadgets like televisions, iPads, watches, and computers. The round TFT display uses advanced and complex technology to enable the screen to produce a homogenous illumination, thus creating better-quality images. Moreover, it is used by companies and businesses for improved productivity.

round TFT display 2
Advantages of using a round TFT display

Low energy consumption

The energy consumption rate of a round TFT display is low compared to ordinary screens. With the use of the millions of pixels that work towards the provision of accuracy with less power consumption. Research shows that it saves up to 78% of energy compared to CRT monitors. Using this concept, you can save more money on electricity bills and improve productivity within your company.

Higher image quality

Each pixel in the round TFT display is active, thus preventing distortion and flickers. This technique provides a sharper and clearer picture that is necessary for work. Your productivity relies on different factors, including the display on your screen. For example, blurry and low-quality images can lower your productivity by causing headaches, nausea, and eyestrain whenever you have prolonged exposure to such screens.

Dual use

The dual use relies much on the adaptability of the round TFT display, which is why most web and graphic designers prefer the TFT displays. This technology fits most monitor configurations; thus, a capable computer can use two monitors simultaneously. In addition, this will help speed up your work in that you will not have to switch between windows on your screen.

Space saver

These monitors are not bulky and can be moved around or mounted on the walls. You can organize your workstation and utilize the unutilized space for other essential tasks.

Reasons for using a round TFT display

The industrial market demands round displays to help in alternating the designs. The industry is fading from rectangular displays by adding a circular bezel on the top to make the display look round.

The round shape makes the display outstanding and modern. More so in unfriendly environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, sunlight, rainfall, or streams.

round TFT display
Where to use the round TFT display

Home appliances

The consumer’s choice has increased; thus, the home appliances need to be outstanding by moving to circular displays. Regardless of the sizes, the TFT models come in different sizes to fit all your round home appliances, including the backlight, touch, or cover lens designs.

Smart metering and other utilities

The modernization rate in technology does not only work with the functionality of the smart meters and heating controls but also with the aesthetic value of the display. To make your products outstanding, you need to switch to a round display using the available TFT technology that can suit all applications.


Replacing the rectangular or mechanical gauge displays in your instruments with the round TFT display is a decision worth making in products used in harsh environmental conditions. The brutal and stunning display is available in different sizes besides being able to withstand water, salt sprays, temperatures, and sunlight. At times, the readability is reduced in such conditions, but with the round TFT display, you can read the monitor easily.


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