Why choose an IPS LCD SCREEN?

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What is an IPS LCD screen?- How it works and its advantages

When it’s time to purchase a new phone or monitor for your PC, it can be difficult the type of screen to select. Apart from screen size deciding on the best panel that meets your customer’s demands is vital. There are three types of panels you can get from a manufacturer; IPS, TN, and VA. In this article, the focus is on IPS display. iPS LCD screen has some attractive features that it unique. Find out more about IPS screens below.

4.7 IPS LCD screen 2
Why is screen technology important?

Panel technology affects the performance of the phone or PC Monitor each offering various benefits not forgetting also has some drawbacks. Generally, performance depends on the panel being used as it can affect viewing angle, response time, contrast ratio, coloring, and black levels.

IPS LCD Screen technology

A plane Switching ( IPS) screen uses a liquid crystal that is arranged between the glass surfaces. This produces rich colors as liquid crystals can shift horizontally thus allowing an impressive viewing angle without colors changing. It’s because of this uniqueness that IPS screens are designed for those in need of super wide viewing angle and color accuracy. Brands like LG Hitachi and Samsung have been at the forefront to empress IPS LCD screen technology.

In today’s market, most LG and Samsung products are associated with IPS display technology. But, China’s manufacturers are the leading manufacturers when it comes to optoelectronics. Ye Tai is a Chinese leading LCD screen manufacturer offering customized IPS LCD screens in various industries. All displays offer great performance and durability.

Who should consider IPS LCD Screens?

Many creatives in art love IPS displays especially those in graphics because of their great image quality. This has led to increased market demand for IPS screens. Also, many business owners are enjoying these monitors because of their technology. This is a guarantee that there is market demand for IPS making it ideal for those venturing into such businesses.

4.7 IPS LCD screen
Benefits of IPS LCD screen

As mentioned before, the main reason why businesses consider IPS is because of its technology. These screens are known to offer accurate and consistent colors from different viewing angles. It’s also known for eliminating the tailing if touched which is associated with TN LCDs. It’s because of that advantage that many smartphones and tablets are using IPS panels.

Also, IPS LCD types offer a stable response time and clean images. Manufacturers are considering IPS as it reduces production costs by 15% which is more efficient and cost-friendly for both the buyers and manufacturers.

Bottom Line

When selecting an LCD screen, there’s no wrong choice the only difference is some are better choices than others, depending on their purpose. Generally, price contributes that’s why finding a reliable and trustworthy IPS LCD manufacturer/ supplier for your business. or you can opt for other alternatives from your manufacturer.


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