Why you buy Motorcycle TFT Display?

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What is a Motorcycle TFT Display

Motorcycle TFT displays are a subset of LCD flat-panel displays in which one to four transistors govern each pixel to allow for full-color representations. In addition to its high resolution, this display type gives manufacturers complete control over the rider’s interaction with the interface. Displays on high-performance motorcycles look different from those found on standard street bikes, and riders can toggle to track-specific screens with the push of a button. Screens tailored to tracks typically display a tachometer, lap timer, and gear indicator enabling drivers to quickly absorb crucial data during track days.

The advantage of the next-generation of motorcycle TFT displays is the ability to display more information in a more compact form.

Motorcycle TFT Display and tachometer that is mounted at the front of motorbikes like a single-handed mechanical watch, showing the rider only the most essential data such as the vehicle’s speed, the engine’s rpm, and the odometer. Then, as with many previously accepted methods, digital overtook analog as the preferred method of displaying data to riders. This includes the time, temperature, ride modes, traction control, and any other data the manufacturer thinks is important.

The Traditional Motorcycle TFT Display Was Replaced within its Place

TFT displays, such as speedometers and tachometers, were originally installed on motorcycles like traditional mechanical clocks. After that, digital technology became the norm and has remained such. The time, temperature, ride modes, and traction control are just some of the other pieces of data that may be seen on the clustered gauges.

Although digital gauges are more common, they suffer from a lack of individual style. The motorcycle business, however, is at a tipping point right now, and innovative, modern design is once again a possibility.

Motorcycle TFT Display Night and Day Vision Benefit

However, night vision is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TFT capabilities. Because the Bosch system comes with many traction control and ride modes, the screen needs to be able to cycle between multiple menus and pages to show the traction control, engine modes, and ABS settings after they have been set up.

You’ll be staring at the screen the whole time, so it should look and feel high-end if the price tag matches. We have grown accustomed to our color Motorcycle TFT Display today.

Motorcycle TFT displays are easier to read during the day, even in bright sunshine, and they can show more content than conventional LCD screens. Standard digital and LCDs suffer from extreme glare in the motorbike cockpit because there is no roof to block the sun. Further, the Bosch system the Ducati uses has a night mode that detects when it’s dark outside, when you’re in a tunnel, or when ambient light levels are low, and then changes the display’s backdrop color to black and its font color to white.


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