Apple will launch a folding screen iPhone

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Folding Screen iPhone Will it be available in 2024?


In recent years, the folding screen has become an upsurge in the industry. Many mobile phone manufacturers have launched their folding screens, and Apple, as one of the “big brothers” in the industry, is also “unwilling to fall behind”.

According to the news predicted by Ross Young, a senior screen analyst, Apple plans to release the folding screen iPhone as soon as 2023. It is worth mentioning that this iPhone will be equipped with an 8-inch flexible screen, which can be called the “largest” iPhone in history.

As early as May 2022, it was reported that Apple was committed to launching a folding-screen iPhone in 2023. This screen iPhone will use flexible 8-inch OLED display. In September last year, it was also reported that Samsung was providing Apple with samples of folding screens for testing.

By November, some media reported that Apple had started the “early work” of the folding screen iPhone, but the development progress at that time was still limited to the display screen and did not start other aspects of hardware and software development.

Some Famous analysts in the tech industry once put forward the view that the foldable mobile phone will become a necessity for all smartphone brands including Apple in the future.

In this field, many mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad have completed product iterations and made their products. Therefore, it is reasonable for Apple to launch.

However, from the fact that Apple can only launch mobile phones in 2024, we can see that the company should still be developing the first generation of folding-screen mobile phones.

It can be guessed that Apple still needs to solve key technical problems and large-scale production problems, so it will slow down the progress.

But even so, judging from the news leaked before, Apple has made some technical achievements and has begun to contact suppliers, which is enough to show that the folding screen iPhone is gradually approaching consumers.

I wonder if BIG APPLE FAN is looking forward to the appearance of this mobile phone?


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