Mobile LCD: What You Need to Know

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A mobile LCD is a small portable monitor you can use when you want to show something to a colleague or a client on the go. These LCDs are not just for business but can be useful at school or home when you want to enjoy watching videos or playing games.

Because of its low power consumption and high image quality, liquid crystal displays are the most prevalent display type in mobile phones. They are generally easy to read, even in direct sunlight. The smallest element of an image is displayed on the LCD screen.

Mobile LCD comes with a high-brightness display and color. The LCD quality is also good and it does not have any problems like blurring. This makes it possible to view the images with great clarity.

Advantages of mobile LCD

Mobile LCD is durable

The mobile LCD is highly durable and can withstand a lot of physical damage. It does not break easily, even if you drop your phone accidentally. The touch screen also has a similar quality of being able to withstand impacts without getting damaged.
Mobile LCDs have great color depth. With today’s focus on mobile devices, it’s not easy to forget that LCD is still the dominant screen technology used in laptops and desktop monitors. The reason is simple: LCDs are affordable and have excellent color depth.
But don’t be fooled by the word “affordable” — there’s a big difference between cheap LCDs and top-quality ones. Cheap LCDs suffer from poor contrast ratios, poor viewing angles, and a narrow color gamut (the range of colors they can display).
Mobile LCD has a good contrast ratio and low power consumption. Mobile LCD is a current technology device. It has many advantages, such as a good contrast ratio and low power consumption. Today, we will introduce some details about mobile LCDs to you.

Good Contrast Ratio

Compared with traditional CRT monitors, mobile LCDs have a good contrast ratio and can display black color more clearly. This is because the screen backlight in mobile LCD is divided into two areas; one is used for displaying white color and the other is used for displaying black color.

Therefore, when you see black on your screen, the light source behind it will be turned off automatically so that you can see black more clearly than before.

This characteristic makes images displayed on mobile LCDs look clearer than those displayed on other displays, which use only one backlight area to illuminate all colors on the screen at once.

Low Power Consumption

Mobile LCD consumes much less power than traditional displays because its backlight doesn’t work all the time but only when needed (when displaying over half the total pixels). Therefore, mobile LCD consumes about 60% less power than other displays with similar resolution levels.


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