OEM for iPhone LCD Screen

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Why OEM for iPhone LCD Screen?

A brand-new iPhone is built with high-quality materials and strict standards. It’s made with an LCD screen, which reflects the Smartphone’s level of quality. However, any device is prone to breakage, including the iPhone LCD screen. This has led to an increased number of mobile spare parts producers who can satisfy screen repair needs. There are various iPhone LCD screen spare parts types: Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and After-market.

This article will focus on OEM for the iPhone LCD screen and why it is the best option for your mobile spare part.

What is the iPhone LCD Screen?

LCD screen uses LCD technology. Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat-panel display tech used in smartphones, laptops, flat-screen displays, and digital cameras. LCD use gained popularity because of its low power consumption, low radiation, and small size.
LCDs are made of two sheets; one is for a flexible polarizing material. The other sheet contains a liquid crystal solution layer in between using a reflector or backlight to produce images in monochrome or color.
LCDs are the most common displays used on various smartphones. Here we focus on the iPhone LCD screen and understand which iPhone version uses LCD.

Types of LCD Screens

LCD is categorized into two main groups: TFT and IPS LCD.

  • A thin film transistor (TFT) is a type of LCD in which each pixel is controlled by up to four transistors. As a result, it also has high image quality, contrast ratio, and resolution but low production cost.
  • In-plane switching (IPS) LCD offers wide viewing angles and a consistent color compared to the TFT display. On the other hand, IPS are more expensive in production, making them suitable for mid-level phones and above.

Most iPhone models like the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 8/8 Plus use IPS LCD.

Why OEM for iPhone LCD screen?

we consider OEM screens the most affordable option and the best choice for our clients. Moreover, it’s the original screen that comes with new iPhone models. So, if you are looking for a screen replacement with the same primary function as the original iPhone screen, the OEM screen is the best.

Vivid color: OEM screen’s color and brightness are more vivid than after-market screens. To differentiate the two, place both screens side by side and observe noticeable color aftermarket has full color.

Glass hardness: OEM screens are a little harder. If you tap with your fingernail, you will notice the difference. After-market screens are less hard and tend to be more plastic.

Screen Thickness: The OEM screen is more durable and slightly thicker than its counterpart.

3D Touch: OEM 3D touch is more sensitive than after-market screens


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