What Is a Waterproof Doorbell: A Guide to IP Rating of a Doorbell

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We live in a world where we cannot escape climate change, but we can prepare for it. Weather changes threaten most modern systems, especially those used outdoors. Normal doorbells were not easily affected by weather because they had no additional smart features. But, modern doorbells, whether wired or wireless, have additional features like sensors that must be well maintained. That is where a waterproof doorbell comes in.


waterproof doorbell


Many manufacturers have designed their products to meet some weatherproof level capacity, and it’s best to go for one that survives even in adverse conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that a waterproof doorbell can be fully submerged in water. For these products to remain functional, they must be protected from natural elements. It’s worth every penny to invest in waterproof doorbells.

Doorbells use the push button, which is the most likely part to be outside. That is why it’s the only waterproof and safe part on doorbells, as it’s exposed to all environmental elements. So, when purchasing a waterproof doorbell, expect to find that only the push button is waterproof.


How do you know the waterproof doorbell?

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating tells you what protection level the doorbell has against environmental elements. To find the IP rating of a waterproof doorbell, check on the manufacturer’s manual or packaging cover.


waterproof doorbell


Ingress Protection Rating

The rating starts with the letters IP and is followed by two digits. The digits used each have their meaning. The first digit shows the protection level of the casing against hazardous elements and the ingress of solid objects. The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the appliance against moisture and water intrusion. While you may find one with an IP44- it means it’s waterproof safe, an IP66- means the device is dust and waterproof safe.

The ratings above conclude that the best waterproof doorbell rating is an IP44 and above. At Zhongshan J-XING Electrical Company, some of our doorbells have an IP rating of IP44, making our devices safe for use even during heavy rainfall.


Why choose a waterproof doorbell

Doorbells are mainly used outdoors. Therefore, having a waterproof feature is a close must-have feature to prevent easy damage to the devices. For instance, today’s market is over-flooded with various doorbell types, including smart, wired, and wireless.

Waterproof and weatherproof features in outdoor devices prevent them from adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall and water. Generally, a waterproof doorbell comes with a waterproof rating. However, even though the doorbells are waterproof and safe, it doesn’t mean they can be completely submerged in water. If fully immersed, the device breaks down.

As a business owner, considering waterproof doorbells is your best choice. That’s because in this modern age where everything is electronically operated, using smart devices is essential. Everybody wants to invest in products worth their budget that can last longer. As many commercial and residential properties opt for such devices, it’s a guarantee that waterproof doorbells are an excellent business addition. Since rain is inevitable, it’s best to ensure outdoor devices are well protected against environmental elements.


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